Burlap Rat 2.0

Cat Toys

I introduce the Burlap rat 2.0! My inspiration for this little toy was a field mouse. Small, brown, and fuzzy. This was the first time using the sewing machine and I’m happy to announce I still have all my fingers and the cats have yet to rip it apart!20150314_002410

The Process:

I used a Roll of burlap, a small square of bubble wrap/foil insulation (for crinkle), and some string. mat burlap rat 2.0sandwiched the foil and string in the burlap. I folded the edges of the burlap over onto them selves and zig-zag sewed it together.

burlap rat 2.0

Took me two or three times to get it just right. Once I was done, I added a little metal bell from a previously destroyed toy and I was good to go!

The Result:

Leo really wasn’t to impressed at first. He entertained the idea of pouncing for a brief moment before returning to grooming himself. Penny, as expected, Chased that thing up and down the living room! She would bat it grab it and slap it. I guess burlap doesn’t taste very good because she never used her mouth to subdue the ferocious critter. After a bit of playing with penny, Leo did get in on the action but it was short-lived. Didn’t keep his attention for long.

I think my next toy needs more color in it. Leo has responded well the color in the past. according to this article: Both cats and dogs can see color. I really love this mini fishing rod it makes it incredibly easy to play fetch with the cats. More on that soon!