Cat Toys, Pet Health

I’m Happy to announce my Latest project: Chirpy Cats! I’m planning on systematically Creating and Testing cat toys.

Now, I know what you might be thinking… Nat, Why would you spend your time with this silly nonsense? I’ll tell you why. Because I love my cats unconditionally. These cats can take me from having a bad cloudy day and turn it into a sunny and happy existence. They are therapeutic. They are the closest thing to children and I like to “get my dad on”. They are completely adorable, fluffy, and sweet.

Leo and penny are indoor cats and I feel that I owe it to them to keep them excited about living indoors. There are plenty of birds and critters around our property that they only get to see from the window. they always do this weird chirp or cackle when they are watching something of particular interest. I want to bring that environment inside through the creation these toys and with a little luck have a pair of Chirpy Cats!

Without further adieu, meet my kitties: